Can you Carry in a Restaurant that has a Bar?

In their continuing education video series, Texas Law Shield asks the question ‘Can you Carry in a Restaurant with a Bar?’. Click Continue Reading then Here to watch the video. As always Nagel’s highly recommends you sign up for Texas Law Shield Services – especially if you Carry. Use Code: nagels.

Waller County sues TX Gun Activist, Wins, then looses the Appeal

The ‘people’ in charge of Waller County sued Firearms Activist Terry Holcombe because he challenged their unlawful prevention of Texas Concealed Carry Holders carrying of Weapons in their statehouse. Mr. Holcombe, of the Group Texas Carry, was unlawfully arrested for standing with the law. Said Texas Attonrey General Ken Paxton after the verdict:“This is a […]

Colt offers a Limited Edition Classic M16 A1

New from Colt and in keeping with the Retro AR-15 Theme that is so popular now comes the M16 A1. Triangle Handguards, original grip, Grey finish, and last but not least is the original 3-prong Flash Hider are all part of this Classic package. Oohh and it also sports the original markings on the receiver. […]