Wilson Combat Going Tactical w/ Mike Seeklander Episode III

The Wilson Combat Going Tactical Video Series Episode III Mastering the Two-Handed Grip is up on Youtube. Host Mike Seeklander takes you through some great examples in this Instructional video series. Click Continue Reading then the link to go to the YouTube page. Wilson Combat Going Tactical Episode III – Mastering the Two-Handed Grip Click […]

Glock Price Drop and Gen 3 Discontinued

With the introduction of the Gen5 Glock’s, the decision to drop the Gen3 models from the lineup has been made. Moving forward, all Glock Gen3 pistols will have 10round magazines specifically for the California market. Whether or not Gen3’s will be orderable for shipment outside of Ca w/ 10rd magazines is unknown at this time. […]

Winstrol Depot – Peptides discovered in bean Stanozolol ampoules with antihypertensive properties

Winstrol Depot Monster Multi – Cytosport INC. Cytosport, one of the most qualified companies in the food supplement industry, has long had a product which is specifically designed for athletes of all kinds, called Monster Multi. With its extremely strengthened vitamin, antioxidant and mineral blend, providing, for example, 2500UI of Vitamin D3 (representing 625 Stanozolol […]

Wilson Combat EDC X9 arrives

The highly anticipated Wilson Combat EDC X9 has arrived at Nagel’s. Despite the overwhelming great reviews, we were a bit skeptical….right up until we put it in our hand. WOW! It fits the human hand superbly! Completely dehorned for Carry, Lightweight Aluminum Frame, Carry Cuts, Match Barrel, X-Tac Treatment on the Gripstrap and Beavertail, Serrated […]