Nagel’s Firearms Transfer Policies

Firearms Transfers are easy at Nagel’s!

We have (2) options to choose for all non NFA Transfers:

  1. $45.00 per Firearm/ Receiver
  2. Free Transfer with the purchase of $100.00 in merchandise, not including ammunition, at Nagel’s per Firearm at the time of the transaction.

Please contact us before the firearm ships to arrange transfer details. We do ask for 24 – 48 hours following delivery prior to Customer pickup. As long as your phone number is listed, we will call you when we have it ready for pickup.

NFA Transfers: $100.00 per item. Additional Charges for fingerprints/ photos apply.

In a denial situation, the Customer is responsible for the Transfer Fee plus $25.00 for packaging the firearm for return. The Customer is also responsible for shipping charges back to the original seller if they do not pay it.