Nagel’s Firearm Transfer Policies*

Firearm Transfers are easy at Nagel’s!

We have several options to choose from for all non NFA Transfers:

  1. $50.00 for the first Firearm/ Receiver then $35.00 for additional at the same time.*
  2. Free Non NFA Transfer with the purchase of $120.00 in merchandise, not including ammunition.
  3. Transfer firearms retrieved prior to notification are subject to a $65.00 Transfer Fee each.
  4. *Exception for Citizens & Military Members relocating to Texas – call for quantity discounts.
  5. Hours for any transfer are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm due to the time necessary to complete the Form 4473. No exceptions. (effective 09.18.23).
  6. We ARE transferring firearms with pistol braces at this time. – UPDATED 02/19/24.

Most Customers are notified that their transfer is ready the same day it is delivered. However during peak times, we may need  24 – 48 hours following delivery prior to Customer pickup. As long as your phone number or email is listed, we will call/ email you when we have it ready for pickup. Please confirm your firearm is ready for pickup prior to stopping by. No exceptions.

NFA Transfers: $125.00 per item. Additional Charges for fingerprints/ photos apply.
*Note that AR-15 Stripped Lower Receivers require a 21 Year or older age to purchase.

In a background check denial situation, the Customer is responsible for the Transfer Fee plus $30.00 for packaging the firearm for return and a $50.00 deny fee. The Customer is also responsible for shipping charges back to the original seller if they do not pay it.

Transfers left over 14 days are subject to a $20.00 per week storage fee.

Transfers left over 30 days without prior authorization will be considered abandoned property. Call us if you have any issues.

Ammunition that is sent to Nagel’s to transfer is subject to the same transfer fee as a firearm.

Individual Transfers

Transfers between two individuals is also easy at Nagel’s. We will enter the firearm into our database and then allow another individual to undergo the background check. This is a while you wait operation. $50.00 per person.

Shipments from individuals must be accompanied by a copy of the person’s state of residence identification card. If a shipment is received without documentation, it will be refused or turned over to law enforcement.