If The Customer Wants An Estimate:
Estimates will be given only on jobs totaling over $95.00
The customer must set a limit if they do not want to spend over
**** this information must be written on the ticket.
Prepare Proposal for Damage for insurance purposes $ 45.00 @

Service Charges

Per Man Hour $95.00
Per Man & Machine Hour $150.00
Minimum Shop Charge $35.00

Clean & Lubricate

Shotguns, Rifles & Handguns $70.00
Note: Any Gun With Excessive Rust P.O.R.

Scope & Sight Work

Bore-sight – (Includes checking all screws for correct torque) $20.00
Sight in firearm at Range (not including ammunition) $150.00
Mount scope on rifle or handgun already drilled & tapped $50.00
Drill & tap most rifles & handguns for scope $100.00
Note: We prefer to mount the scope at the time we drill & tap and will do so at no additional charge. (Does not include bending bolt if needed)

Rifle Work

Vias Quiet brake [includes parts & labor] (blue or stainless) $295.00
Thread barrel for suppressor or muzzle brake $195.00
Install Pinned Flash Suppressor $150.00
Thread Bolt for Bolt Handle $180.00
Re-barrel using customer supplied barrel $595.00
Re-barrel with Douglas premium grade with standard contour $795.00
[includes barrel]
For stainless add $200.00
Note: Above barrel prices includes bluing barrel or bead blasting on Stainless.
Price does not include bluing action, bedding, or Sight work.
Check headspace $50.00
Cut & crown barrel [does not include reinstallation of sight] $130.00
Cut & crown barrel where necessary to remove from action $200.00
Cut Dovetail for Sight $100.00 & up
Make chamber cast [to determine caliber or case dimensions] $80.00
Note: we keep cast
Re-chamber barrel for larger cartridge $250.00
Re-line .22 or .32 caliber barrel $230.00
Remove stuck case from barrel $85.00
Remove live round from chamber $100.00 & up
Alter bolt handle to clear scope $175.00
Jewel Bolt $180.00
Install Buehler safety, labor $85.00
Adjustable triggers [not to be reduced below 3 pounds] $70.00
Non-adjustable triggers [lever action, military, Ruger 77 $ 85.00 & up
Semi-autos [where possible] $100.00 & up


Handguns & long guns, matte finish NOTE: (Polishing or Removal of pitting not included)
$195.00 & up
Handguns & long guns, Carded finish $230.00 & up
Shotguns with Silver Soldered Barrels ONLY $250.00 & up
Polished to 400 grit (NOTE: Some pitting cannot always be removed) $330.00 & up

AR15 Labor Charges

Barrel Change $100.00
Buffer Spring Tube Change $50.00
Build Lower $125.00
Butt Stock Change $20.00
Co Witness Optics / Laser $40.00
Front Sight Change $35.00
Gas Block $60.00
Vertical Foregrip or Grip Change $15.00
Muzzle Break / Adapter $50.00
Install Pinned Muzzle Break / Adapter $150.00
Quad Rail / Free Float Hand Guard $85.00
Sling Adapter $45.00
Trigger Install / Adjust $60.00

Stock Work

Checkering & Custom Carving Services Available POR
Install sling swivels $45.00
Fit pre-finished fiberglass stock & pillar bed $300.00
Float barrel $90.00
Glass bed action & float barrel $195.00
Inlet semi-inletted stock [glass bedding extra] $295.00 & up
Inlet shape & finish semi-inletted stock $550.00 & up
Pillar bed & float $230.00
Adjustable comb labor $295.00
Hardware for adjustable comb $100.00
Adjust comb by bending tang and re-inletting

Rem 1100, 870, & Winchester 12

Adjust comb by bending wood where possible $200.00 & up


Hand Rubbed Oil finish leaving grain open $275.00 & up
Hand Rubbed Oil finish completely filling grain $350.00 & up
Sprayed On Lacquer (Satin) finish leaving grain open $175.00 & up
Sprayed On Lacquer (Satin) finish completely filling grain $280.00 & up
Note: for stocks with checkering add $130.00
High gloss Not Available

Recoil Pads

Install recoil pads $85.00
High Grade Stocks $100.00
(with Synthetic Stock where in insert must be added) $120.00
Extra labor to install ¼” spacers $ 30.00 @
Hardware for adjustable butt with pitch adjustment $150.00
Install Adjustable butt plate [Timney] $250.00
Shorten stock & re-install old pad (if pad can be reused) $80.00

Shotgun Work


Drill & tap for front or center bead (labor only) $60.00
Install Bead in existing hole with correct threads $35.00

Barrel Work

Cut & re-crown single barrel shotgun & re-install sight $95.00
Cut & re-crown double barrel shotguns, fill in between barrels
with solder & re-install sight $165.00
Lengthen forcing cone $95.00
Open choke, per barrel $95.00
Porting single barrel shotguns [in our shop] $225.00
Porting over/under shotguns [in our shop] $295.00
Ream & thread barrel for Briley screw-in chokes
(includes 3 chokes)
Shorten barrel at time of screw-in choke installation $50.00
Re-chamber for longer shells (each barrel) $95.00
Re-chamber or forcing cone job on chrome lined barrel $145.00
Remove dents [at customer’s risk] $100.00 & up
Re-attach loose ribs on Win 101, Browning O/U and Daly O/U $230.00 & up
Note: Some discoloration of the bluing around the rib is likely.
Above price does not include re-bluing.
Straighten barrel [at customer’s risk] $ 95.00 & up

Handgun Work

Revolver Work

Chamfer breech of barrel [forcing cone] $95.00
Install Night Sights $50.00
XD & PX4 $70.00
Front sight insert $70.00
Re-time revolver, labor only $125.00 & up
Revolver triggers Lighten $130.00
Revolver triggers [single action & double action pull] $185.00
Straighten crane $100.00
Stretch crane to remove end play on S&W $100.00
Shorten barrel & re-install sight where possible $295.00

1911 Type Semi-Autos

Bobtail Housing install $130.00
Fit Beavertail Safety [labor only] $165.00
Fit Bushing $100.00
Fit Grip Safety $125.00 & up
Fit New Barrel $110.00 & up
Fit New Safety $50.00
Fit New Trigger $50.00
Fit New Hammer $125.00
Lower Ejection Port $135.00
Machine Slide for Novak style sight – Front $130.00
TMachine Slide for Novak style sight – Rear $175.00
Tighten Slide $175.00
Throat [polish feed ramp on barrel and frame] $85.00
Trigger Job $150.00

Polymer Stippling

Grip Only (One Color)
Trigger Guard (One Color)
Thumb Saddle (One Color)
Remove Finger Grooves – (Only available with Grip Stippling) $15.00
Trigger Guard Undercut $40.00
Trigger Guard Shaping $60.00
Magazine Release Cut $60.00
Note: Some Services are NOT compatible with some Makes & Models
Patterns: Brick, Crosshatch, Nova, Oak Bark, Waffle, Fine Dot Additional $20.00

Gun Koat Polymer Coating

Pistols (One Color)
Long Gun (One Color)
AR15 (One Color)
Note: Price includes Disassembly/Reassembly
Slide Only $75.00
Frame Only $95.00
2 Tone / Slide Frame $190.00
Magazine $30.00
Bolt $35.00
Rings & Bases $30.00
Accents $50.00
Special order color not normally stocked $40.00
Additional Colors $ 20.00 Each Color
Metal Repair due to rust/Pitting or other damage $ 65.00 per hour

Camouflage Patterns

Per Layer $50.00
Note: Due to the application process, normal minor defects can be present.
Every effort is made to keep this to a minimum