NRA Statement on Bump Fire Stock Rule

From the NRA: This week, the Department of Justice announced that it would soon be releasing a final rule classifying “bump-stock-type-devices” as “machineguns” under the National Firearms Act. These devices came to national attention in October 2017 after the horrific attack in Las Vegas. As multiple media accounts correctly pointed to at the time, there […]

Ohio: Legislature Overrides Governor Kasich’s Veto of Self-Defense Legislation

From the NRA: Today, the Ohio House of Representatives and Senate voted 67-22 and 21-11, respectively, to override Governor John Kasich’s veto of self-defense legislation, Sub. House Bill 228. Substitute House Bill 228 will now be enacted into law. Some of the important provisions in Sub. House Bill 228 are: Placing the burden of disproving […]