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Stribog SP9A1 Pistol w/ HB Industries Pistol Brace available now

stribog sp9a1 at nagels

New to the US is the Stribog SP9A1 Pistol. Semi-Automatic, 9mm Pistol using 20Rd & 30Rd Magazines. The nice thing about this model is the price point and the non-reciprocating charging handle Ships with hard case and (3)- 30Rd Magazines. Caliber: 9mm Action: Dynamic Blowback Dual Mass Bolt Capacity: 30+1 Barrel Length: 8″ Sights: Polymer […]

CZ P-10S Sub Compact Pistols are back in stock

cz p-10s pistol at nagels

The popular CZ P-10S Sub Compact pistols are back in stock. This is a (12)Rd Sub Compact pistol just ready for every day carry. It has the superior ergonomics that CZ pistols are known for plus a great trigger. Both the Optics Ready and the Non- Optics Ready model are available now. CZ […]

Sig Sauer P320X Five Legion Pistols return

sig sauer p320 x five legion

The popular Sig Sauer P320X Five Legion pistols are back in stock now. This new version of the popular Legion series features a Polymer frame with Tungsten infused particles to add weight. The Legion Gray coloring does not hurt either. The Sig Sauer P320 Legion series just got another P320. The P320 X-Five Legion features […]

Vickers Tactical Glock 43 arrives

glock 43 vickers tactical pistol at nagels

Glock has released a Vickers Tactical Version of the popular Glock 43. This version has upgraded Nite Sights, Vickers Tactical parts including Magazine extension, and Forward Slide Serrations. Glock Model 43 Vickers Tactical The Glock 43 Vickers Tactical Model adds some upgrades to the standard Glock Pistol. Front Serrations, never before seen on this model […]