Shield Sights RMSc Reflex Mini Sight

Nagel’s received our first shipment of Shield Sights RMSc Reflex Mini Sights. These are competitively priced at $399.99.

Both the 4MOA &  8MOA are now in stock. These will fit the Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP

Shield Sights RSMSc 4MOA Reflex Mini Sight – RMSc-4MOA

4 thoughts on “Shield Sights RMSc Reflex Mini Sight

    • Nagel's Web Team says:

      Joe we sold the last Shield Sights 4MOA sight on Saturday. More are due in a few weeks.

      Please check back then. Thanks.

    • Robert Nagel says:

      Hi, ETA is 2-3 weeks. Add your info to the Notification box on the webpage and you will receive a notification email. Thanks,

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