Texas Law Shield: Can you use Force against someone Burglarizing your Car?

Here is a another great video by Texas Law Shield. This one deals with using force against someone burglarizing your car. Nagel’s recommends Texas Law Shield; for only about $12.00 a month you have a local lawyer on retainer ready to help you with any firearms incident. When you sign up, use code nagels. Hit […]

Wilson Combat Introduces the 1911 Hackathorn Commander

Famed Gun writer and trainer Ken Hackathorn has teamed with Wilson Combat to introduce a new Commander model bearing his name. The Hackathorn Commander features the same round butt, magwell, Fiber Optic sight and Concealment Hammer/ Grip Safety as the full size Hackathorn 1911. Available in 9mm & 45acp. Nagel’s stocks a similiar model, the […]

New Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer Elite Series now available

Nagel’s has received the new Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer Elite pistols. There are 8 total, four 9mm and four 45acp. Compact, Champion (Commander), Target, and Operator ( light rail) are available and all but the Champion 9mm are in stock now. Hit Continue Reading then the link for a list of all the models […]

Washington DC ‘good reason’ to get a CHL requirement ruled Unconstitutional

In a big win for America, the ‘good reason’ requirement to get a Concealed Handgun License in Washington DC has been ruled unconstitutional. The powers that be in DC were using the ‘good reason’ excuse, just as they do in California, to prevent Americans from protecting themselves. Another win for the Good Guys!

SigSauer P320Compact w/ Romeo Red Dot back in stock.

After a long absence is the SigSauer P320Compact w/ Romeo Red Dot installed. Shipped w/ the Romeo Red Dot installed, this pistol features the standard SigSauer Lifetime Warranty. AND – we have these at a great price too! The Full Size P320 w/ Romeo Red Dot is also available and as usual – Priced Right!

NRA Shooting Illustraed: Did the Single Stack 9mm kill the Carry Revolver?

Here is a great article by the NRA about the popularity of the Single Stack 9mm Pisotl: Once upon a time, police officers who patrolled our streets carried revolvers on their hips. Guns like the Colt Police Positive and the Smith & Wesson Model 19 were their primary defensive firearm, and they carried .38 Spl. snub-nosed carry revolvers like […]