STI Staccato-P’s return

sti staccato p

The popular STI Staccato-P pistols have returned to stock.

STI Staccato P 2011 Pistol

The all new STI Staccato P (Professional) pistol is a variation of the legendary 2011 which evolves Browning’s classic 1911 design by combining a modular metal frame with a polymer grip to absorb and disperse recoil as well as reduce weight. STI has taken the technology that has won thousands of World, National, Regional and state competitions in the hands of the BEST shooters in the World and put that into a concealed carry sized platform giving you competition performance in a carry configuration. The slim profile of STI’s Staccato P incorporates FlaTec™, their shooting technology which combines proprietary design and craftsmanship, superior materials, and our recoil absorbing grip and 2011® frame. The result is less recoil transferred to the shooter leading to faster and more accurate shooting.

STI’s Staccato P pistol is a Big Brother version of the STI Stacatto C. Upgrades include black DLC finish, longer barrel and different style of serrations. The P in this latest variant from STI that stands for Professional. This pistol is considered a 2011 P as it uses a double stack magazine.


STI Staccato P Pistol, 9mm, Black DLC Finish, (2)-Magazines, 4.15″ – 10-340030

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