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Washington DC ‘good reason’ to get a CHL requirement ruled Unconstitutional

In a big win for America, the ‘good reason’ requirement to get a Concealed Handgun License in Washington DC has been ruled unconstitutional. The powers that be in DC were using the ‘good reason’ excuse, just as they do in California, to prevent Americans from protecting themselves. Another win for the Good Guys!

Nagel’s is interviewed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation

Nagel’s personnel were recently interviewed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The NSSF is the Industries top Merchant Organization, second only to the NRA in fighting the Good Fight for the Second Amendment. This is quite an honor for any Shop. Click Here to read the nice article.

Unlicensed Carry Bill Dies in the Texas Legislature – RIP HB1911

Despite being one of the Texas Republican Parties Priorities, the Unlicensed Carry Bill is dead for this Legislative Session. Which also means in 2 years….2 YEARS….Pro Gun Groups like TSRA, Open Carry Texas, Texas Carry, & NRA will be back at it. We did get the reduction fee lowered to $40.00 Texas License to Carry […]