How can your firearms be seized in Texas? Is it already too easy?

texas law shield

See the video below from Texas Law Shield on how easy it already is to have your firearms removed from your possession. Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick want to make it even easier.

Texas Red Flag Law Update…

Texas Red Flag Law Update…

The following is a video transcript.

In the past few years, we have seen an increasing number of states pass legislation addressing extreme risk protection orders, or “Red Flag” laws. While Texas does not currently have “Red Flag” laws in place, gun owners need to be aware of key laws like Chapter 573 of Texas Health and Safety Code.

Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 573

Under Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 573, a police officer, with or without a warrant, may take someone into custody if the officer has reason to believe and does believe that the person has a mental illness, and because of that mental illness, there is a substantial risk of serious harm to the person or others unless the person is immediately restrained. The police officer can take the person into custody without a warrant if he believes there is not sufficient time to obtain a warrant before taking the person into custody.


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