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Texas is new target for Constitutional Carry — the unlicensed carry of handguns — in 2019

From the Ft. Worth Star Telegram:  SAN ANTONIO  Some gun rights advocates have set their sights on Texas. That has made the Lone Star State the next battleground for constitutional carry, which would let Texans carry their weapons — openly or concealed — without first getting a permit. “People talk about taking your guns away to protect […]

Texas DPS Chooses SigSauer P320

From SigSauer: NEWINGTON, N.H., (June 20, 2018) – Today, SIG SAUER, Inc., announced the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) has integrated the SIG SAUER P320 as its official service firearm throughout its divisions. The Texas Department of Public Safety is the statewide agency responsible for law enforcement and vehicle registration headquartered in Austin, Texas. The […]

Custom Dan Wesson Guardians are back in stock at Nagel’s

Nagels now has another Dan Wesson Custom Guardian in stock. This is the standard Guardian in 38Super with the following upgrades: Flush Cut Barrel, Reverse Crown Barrel, Front White Ring Nite Sight, Carry Cuts on the Slide, & Chamfered Slide Stop. Plus a DW trigger job for a crisp, 3lb pull. Also available in 45acp.

And Now: D.C. Area Witches Unite for Gun Control, Hurl Curses at the NRA

From the NRA: Gun control advocates can now boast of a new group of allies joining their dubious coalition: witches. It kind of makes sense. We all know that gun control is based mainly on magical thinking. Its advocates, after all, ask us to believe we’re just a few more “commonsense safety measures” away from a […]

The Rolling Stone Continues its Inaccurate Anti-NRA Reporting

From the NRA: It is by no means a closely held secret that Rolling Stone magazine has aggressively promoted an anti-gun agenda for many decades.  It started in 1980, with the death of John Lennon at the hands of Mark David Chapman, when the magazine’s founder, Jann Wenner, decided he wanted to “make something good come out […]

The Supreme Court Strikes Down Law that Targeted Gun Owners’ Speech

From the NRA-ILA: The Supreme Court struck down a Minnesota law that forbade voters from wearing “political insignias” at polling places after the law was challenged by a voter who was told he must remove or cover his Tea Party shirt.  It is beyond a doubt that the state’s application of the law unfairly discriminated […]

Hogue joins Springfield Armory & Daniel Defense & others who do not want to be Dick’s

Hogue Inc. stands with its industry partners and has removed Dick’s Sporting Goods and their subsidiary Field & Stream as an authorized dealer of Hogue Inc. products. Dick’s Sporting Goods recently made the decision to halt sales of and destroy their inventory of modern sporting rifles. They no longer offer standard capacity magazines, and now […]

Wilson Combat Custom Vickers Elite Glock 19 Gen5 arrives at Nagel’s

Wilson Combat now offers some Custom upgrades to the Glock 17 & 19 Series of firearms. The Vickers Elite package includes stippled frame, duty action tune, Vckers Magazine Basepads, Vickers Tactical Magazine Release, Front Cocking Serrations, New sights and more. We have now received the G19.5 model and the trigger is awesome! Stop by and […]