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Texas Law Shield: Can you use Force against someone Burglarizing your Car?

Here is a another great video by Texas Law Shield. This one deals with using force against someone burglarizing your car. Nagel’s recommends Texas Law Shield; for only about $12.00 a month you have a local lawyer on retainer ready to help you with any firearms incident. When you sign up, use code nagels. Hit […]

HB1819 Passes; Ready for Hearing Protection Act and Mossberg Shockwave

Nagel’s received an email from the TSRA updating us on HB1819. It passed both the Texas House & Senate and is on the way to Gov. Abbott. In case the Hearing Protection Act passes the US Legislature, this Bill changes Texas Law so we will be able to purchase Suppressors without NFA Approval. In addition, […]

Nagel’s is interviewed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation

Nagel’s personnel were recently interviewed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The NSSF is the Industries top Merchant Organization, second only to the NRA in fighting the Good Fight for the Second Amendment. This is quite an honor for any Shop. Click Here to read the nice article.

ATF reverses course on SigBrace – Now legal to shoulder!

Well we are back to shouldering the SigBrace. In a sudden and unexpected reversal of policy, BATFE has decided that shouldering your SigBraced firearm no longer constitutes making an SBR. So shoulder away! Here is the press info: Saint Petersburg, Fla. (April, 25, 2017) – SB Tactical™, inventors and manufacturers of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace®, […]

First Day of 2017 Congress: National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill Introduced

From On January 3–the first day of the 115th Congress–Representative Richard Hudson (R-NC-8) introduced national concealed carry reciprocity legislation. Hudson’s office published this summary of the legislation: Rep. Hudson’s bill, which is supported by major pro-Second Amendment groups, would allow people with a state-issued concealed carry license or permit to conceal a handgun in […]