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Well we are back to shouldering the SigBrace. In a sudden and unexpected reversal of policy, BATFE has decided that shouldering your SigBraced firearm no longer constitutes making an SBR. So shoulder away! Here is the press info: Saint Petersburg, Fla. (April, 25, 2017) – SB Tactical™, inventors and manufacturers of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace®, […]

From On January 3–the first day of the 115th Congress–Representative Richard Hudson (R-NC-8) introduced national concealed carry reciprocity legislation. Hudson’s office published this summary of the legislation: Rep. Hudson’s bill, which is supported by major pro-Second Amendment groups, would allow people with a state-issued concealed carry license or permit to conceal a handgun in […]

We have some great proposed Laws for 2017 in the Teas Legislature. One of those is HB 560. What it does is remove most off-limits carry places for folks with a Texas License to Carry. Here is a list: Prohibited Before: (Per Texas Penal Code) School/Educational Institution Polling place Court/Court offices Racetrack Secured areas of […]