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CZ P-10C White Nitride & Urban Grey Suppressor Ready Models arrive!

Brand new from CZ-USA for 2018 are the P-10C White Nitride & P-10C Urban Grey Suppressor Ready models. Both of these highly sought after pistols are available now at Nagel’s. Take a look at the short video we made of these on the website Homepage. Remember that we are the only Authorized CZ-USA Dealer in […]

Gun activists protest through Olmos Park after weeks of confrontation with unlawful police

On Saturday, over 500 Patriots converged on Olmos Park following several high profile illegal arrests of Firearms Activists. In addition, one Activist was tased in the back by the chief of Olmos Park police, rene valencinio. Thank You to Everyone who stood up for justice, the US Constitution, and Gun Owners who were unlawfully arrested […]

UK Struggles to Combat Gun and Knife Crime as London Murder Rate Tops New York City

Here is the situation in the UK despite having banned the private ownership of firearms and about to crack down hard on the carrying of knives. Never believe that removing firearms from The People will solve crime – it does not: From the NRA: On Monday night, 17-year-old Tanesha Melbourne was gunned down in a […]