Welcome to the New Nagel’s Gun Shop Online!

The website you see before you is the result of years of research and experimentation to provide the best end user experience for firearms enthusiasts. We hope you find this site as responsive and helpful as any other. As such, here are a few of the special tools incorporated into this new site to help us better serve our customers:

1. Check Stock Feature

by using this feature with your email address, you can receive quick and specific information on the shiny new item you are looking for. Whether you want to see if it is in stock or ask a question, the Check Stock button will give you a quick answer from Nagel’s Staff. In addition, here is where you can ask to be notified when a specific item arrives into stock. The Check Stock button is found on each specific product page for your convenience.

2. Nagel’s News

Here is where we will also post copies of most email blasts for those who have not already subscribed. Topics of general interest to Gun owners will be presented here including Pro-2A articles.

3. Daily Arrivals

Here is where we will post all the new Stuff that arrives daily at Nagel’s. We often receive phone calls wanting to know if a new item has arrived yet…well here is where we will post daily updates on shipments.

4. Store Specials, Featured Items, & Mega Sales

By clicking on these tabs, you will be viewing some of the most popular items and some of the best deals, too!

5. Nagel’s Recommended

While using Nagel’s Online, you will occasionally see the Green color of Nagel’s Original Sign that is over 50 years old! Products that display this emblem are known and proven to Nagel’s Staff. These products, whether it is a pistol, rifle, knife, watch…whatever, have shown us they can be trusted to work and work well.

6. Daily Arrivals

Here we will list daily arrivals of new product as it arrives. This page will make it easy for you to check to see when your favorite item arrives!

Thanks for visiting Nagel’s Online. We are pleased to offer services to 3 generations of South Texans and hope to count you as part of our Customer Family.

– Staff at Nagel’s