Staccato P 4.15 Heritage 9mm Pistol, Optics Ready Steel Frame DLC Barrel X-Series Serrations, G2 Tac Texture Grip, 4.15″ – 13-1700-000103-01


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Staccato P 4.15 Heritage 9mm Pistol

The Staccato P 4.15 represents the introduction of the Staccato brand. It was originally introduced in 2019 as the STI Staccato P. The original 4.15 was co-developed with feedback from some of the world’s top law enforcement agencies—Riverside County Sheriff EST, Long Beach SWAT and U.S. Marshals SOG. This Heritage Series revival of the 4.15 keeps the original Staccato DNA that has been adopted by over 1,400 U.S. law enforcement agencies, while upgrading the pistol with our most recent technology and features.

While the 4.15 was built for duty, the pistol is beloved amongst competition shooters and Staccato enthusiasts alike. This 4.15″ bull barrel handgun is extremely well balanced and runs just as flat as it’s longer barreled big brother, the current Staccato P 4.4, making it perfect for IDPA or USPSA Limited Optics Division competitions.

This limited Heritage Edition release pays tribute to the original 4.15 while coming standard with some modern enhancements such as the Dawson tool-less recoil system, a DLC coated barrel, Staccato’s full-size Tac texture grip, Custom X-Series slide serrations, and limited edition serial number.