Sig Sauer P320 XTen Comp 10mm Pistol, (2)-15 Rd Magazines, 3.8″ – 320XCA-10-COMP


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Sig Sauer P320 XTen 10mm Pistol

The first carry-length P320 XTEN COMP from SIG SAUER. The P320 XTEN COMP incorporates slide-integrated compensation for the ultimate 10MM carry package for backcountry hunters, hikers and fishermen. The P320 XTEN COMP slide is the equivalent length of a 4.25” barrel P320 but is instead equipped with a single port compensator integrated into the slide and paired with a 3.8” bull barrel that allows for maximum shootability. Paired with a 15-round magazine, the new P320-XTEN COMP gives you the maximum capacity and shootability in an ultra-compact design to give you peace of mind on your next backcountry adventure

P320  XTEN COMP Features:

  • Single Port Slide Integrated Expansion Chamber for recoil mitigation
  • All-New XSeries Carry Length Grip Module for P320 10mm or .45 ACP Models
  • XSeries Flat Trigger with 90-degree break
  • (2) 15rd Steel Magazines
  • XRAY 3 Day/Night Sights