Rugged Radiant762 Silencer, ADAPT Modular Technology, Titanium, 5.1″ – 7.5″- RAD01762


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Rugged Radiant762 Silencer

The Rugged Radiant762 Silencer is the pinnacle of lightweight modularity. Combining the use of stellite baffles in the main body and Grade 5 Titanium Baffles in the module means this Silencer is not only lightweight and compact, but also durable.

The Rugged Radiant762 ships in the full size 7.5″ setup, however the end module can be removed to convert it into a 5.1″ suppressor with ease.  This allows the shooter to choose between a compact and ultra-compact suppressor depending on their needs.

ADAPT Modular Technology

The Radiant762 provides superior suppression with two configurations in one stamp. In full configurations, the Radiant762 is one of the quietest Silencers on the Market. For additional weight and size reduction, remove the ADAPT module for a lighter and shorter Silencer. Don’t compromise when you can ADAPT.

Piece of Mind

The Radiant762 is machined from Grade 5 Titanium Body and heat treated with full circumference welded Stellite baffles. This produces unparalled heat and abrasion resistance.

Dual Taper Locking System

Say goodbye to wobbly and carbon locked mounts. The Rugged Dual Tapers first taper creates a gas seal and concentric lock up for repeatable return to zero and keeps your threads carbon free. The rear taper creates a friction lock to keep your Silencer where it should be on your Firearm.

Accuracy Tested

Every Surge762 is tested for accuracy and return to zero before leaving the shop.

Belt Fed Rated

A Silencer is a investment, do not invest in a product that is not built to last. Rugged Suppressors are manufactured from top of the line materials to withstand any rate of fire. Your gear should not be holding you back.