Rugged Oculus22 FDE Silencer, ADAPT Modular Technology, 3.25″- 5.25″- OCUFDE22


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Rugged Oculus22 FDE Silencer

The Rugged Oculus22 is a modular rimfire suppressor, rated for extreme amounts of abuse.  Configurable between 3.25″ and 5.25″ lengths, the Oculus is able to suit different shooters needs. Featuring ADAPT Modular technology, shifting between the long and short configurations is simple and quick. Be it industry-leading performance with no first round pop, or an ultra-compact footprint, the Oculus offers outstanding performance.

ADAPT Modular Technology

The Obsidian45 provides superior suppression with two configurations in one stamp. In full configurations, the Oculus22 is one of the quietest Silencers on the Market. For additional weight and size reduction, remove the ADAPT module for a lighter and shorter Silencer. Don’t compromise when you can ADAPT.

Engineered Science

Oculus22 baffles are machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel Barstock with indexing tabs for repeatable return to zero after user servicing. The Oculus22 uses slotted baffles that create a gas seal to prevent carbon and gas buildup between the tube and baffles for ease of disassembly.

No First Round Pop

The Oculus22 features class leading suppression and no first round pop in the standard configuration.

Revolutionary Mounting System

The engraving is strategically placed on the thickest cross section for fast and easy replacement if necessary.  It also serves to make the Oculus22 infinitely upgradable in the future.

Belt Fed Rated

A Silencer is a investment, do not invest in a product that is not built to last. Rugged Suppressors are manufactured from top of the line materials to withstand any rate of fire. Your gear should not be holding you back.