OA Defense 2311 Full Size 9mm Pistol, Optics Ready Slide, 5.0″ – OA-2311-FLSZ-KIT-BLK-STD-17


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OA Defense 2311 Full Size 9mm Pistol

The OA Defense 2311™ represents a carefully engineered blend of performance and versatility; designed to deliver blistering speed and accuracy while standing up to the rigors of law enforcement and combat applications.

Oracle Arms’ production and assembly process relies on precision engineering and machining, multiple rounds of stringent quality control, and a team of skilled techs and gunsmiths who work together to hand-fit and hand-finish the critical engagement points. Each assembled pistol then goes through a multi-point inspection and test firing process prior to being released for cleaning and shipping.


  • Every OA 2311 pistol ships with multiple co-witnessing slide plates, allowing for the use of most popular red dot optics without sacrificing a rear sight.
  • The OA 2311 ships with three 17-round Oracle Arms magazines, but any P320 pattern magazine is directly compatible.
  • The days of compromising are over thanks to a dedicated right-slide slide stop, ambi safety, and reversible mag.
  • OA 2311™ pistol
  • Custom Oracle Arms range bag
  • (3) 17-round OA magazines
  • (4) Slide Plates (3 optic mounts + iron sights)
  • Incl. mounts for RMR, DPP, & RMSc footprints
  • Ships with Night Fision tritium night sights
  • Owners manual & safety lock