Live Free Armory Apollo II Compact 9mm Pistol, Optics Ready Slide, 4.15″ – LFAPC61301


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Live Free Armory Apollo II Compact Black 9mm Pistol

The Apollo 11 Compact 9mm Pistol offers the same exceptional blend of style and performance as its full-size counterpart, tailored for those seeking a more compact and maneuverable firearm. This version features a 4.15-inch barrel, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry or for users who prefer a more compact profile without sacrificing the superior functionality of the Apollo series. Despite its reduced size, the compact model maintains a robust double-stack magazine capacity of 17+1 rounds of 9mm, ensuring that firepower is not compromised.

Engineered with precision, the Apollo 11 Compact retains the hallmark features of its larger version. It boasts a heat-treated 416 stainless steel slide and a durable 4140 steel frame, providing reliability and a sophisticated appearance. The pistol’s shorter barrel is matched with a meticulously tuned trigger system for a crisp, consistent pull and a left-hand 1:16 rifling, ensuring remarkable accuracy in a smaller package. The compact design enhances concealability and handling, while the innovative recoil reduction system and ergonomic grip texture offer comfortable shooting and effective control. Equipped with an RMSc optic cut and accessory rails, this compact model offers versatility and customization, making it a top choice for both everyday carry and tactical applications.The Apollo 11 Compact is a testament to Live Free Armory’s dedication to quality and innovation, backed by a Lifetime Warranty with reliability guaranteed.

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