Griffin Armament Optimus 9mm Silencer, 6.15″-7.65″ – GAOPT-W


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Griffin Armament Optimus 9mm Silencer

Years ago Griffin Armament introduced a market changing product, the Optimus® suppressor. This suppressor could be used on both a handgun, as well as a rifle, and was modular for length, modular for mounting system, and was able to be taken apart for user maintenance. Despite the Optimus’ success Griffin has researched and engineered several new technologies that it is proud to incorporate into the new second generation Optimus® suppressor. These new features will ensure that the Optimus® suppressor remains at the forefront of the universal suppressor category.

Universal suppressors, such as the Griffin Optimus® 9 and Bushwhacker® 46, are capable of use on tilt barrel semi-automatic pistols as well as sub guns, fixed barrel firearms, and rifles covering nearly all popular commercial cartridges and firearm combinations. The Optimus® was engineered with an ideal 1.375” outside diameter which makes it well suited to pistols equipped with factory sights vs traditional rifle silencers typically being 1.5” or greater in diameter, such as the case with the Bushwhacker® 46.   With the booster piston housing for tilt barrel pistols installed, the Optimus® suppressor is an ideal 6.6” long and a mobile 12oz weight, despite it’s incredibly strong 17-4 stainless steel construction. This size and weight combination is ideal for 9mm pistols.


  • Taper Mount extension Interface
  •  5/8×24, .30 Cal, Taper Mount EZ-Brake™ muzzle device
  •  Universal Piston included (QD adapter not included)
  •  Booster assembly
  •  Tube body, upgraded with wrench flat design geometry
  •  ECO-FLOW™ baffle assembly
  •  Total of 3 tools, 2 flat multi-function wrenches, and one blast baffle pusher
  •  9mm and .22cal end caps