Griffin Armament Dual-Lok 5 5.56 Silencer, 6.5″- GADL556-W


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Griffin Armament Dual-Lok 5 5.56 Silencer

Griffin Armament has been satisfying customers for nearly two decades with cutting edge sound suppressors. Suppressors offering active retention systems are often times demanded by government customers and Griffin has spent considerable research and development efforts to engineer and manufacture a next generation system in this category. A quality mounting system should be accurate, robust, reliable, require minimal training, and be free of wear prone metal on metal teeth or ratchets, thereby guaranteeing a longer trouble-free service life with minimal maintenance needed. Griffin’s patent pending DUAL-LOK™ mounting system, the subject of one of 6 pending patents related to the series, was designed around these objectives. The suppressor itself should have minimal flash signature, weight, POI shift, and gas blow back, as well as maximum strength, durability, and sound performance. These were the company internal performance categories that were scrutinized and met during the development.
Griffin Armament was the US pioneer of tubeless suppressor technology when in 2010 nearly the whole Griffin centerfire suppressor line was engineered this way. If lower system weights are desired, tubeless construction is ideal, as traditional double walled construction is omitted. Deleting the outer tube saves weight but also imposes other engineering difficulties which need to be overcome. However, with over a decade of tubeless suppressor manufacturing experience, Griffin has matched or exceeded the durability and useful service life of traditionally constructed suppressors. DUAL-LOK™ suppressors are manufactured of 718 inconel and 17-4 stainless steel, from industry leading suppliers. Griffin utilizes cutting edge CAD design, industry leading tooling and machining practices, and integration of laser welding to provide ideal construction to the tubeless DUAL-LOK™ suppressors.

Internal flow and balancing of optimized sound suppression is also a fundamental study in suppressor engineering, as that is the chief reason to use the items. Griffin has integrated it’s patented ECO-FLOW™ baffle design into these suppressors. This design provides optimal flash reduction, and flow, which reduces blow back in semi automatic and full automatic operating systems. This provides the end user with reduced sound pressure and gas at the shooters ear and face, a more enjoyable shooting experience. The patent pending flash hiding end cap features high performance internal and external flash reducing features as well as optimally tuned gas vents which not only enhance flash reduction even further but also increases sound performance to ECO-FLOW™ baffles.

The DUAL-LOK™ mounting system is machined into the suppressor body, for maximum accuracy and durability. It features a precision taper interface (one locking feature) between the mount and the device ensuring accuracy and repeatable POI shift. An ACME thread, provides speed and ease of attachment. A robust wave spring provides a reliable and positive heat resistant spring action to the redundant locking collar (second locking feature). The locking collar is semi permanently installed to the mount via factory pressed stainless steel splined taper pins. Since the mount has no wear prone metal on metal sliding actions like many other mounts, there is no need for the operator to disassemble the system. This locking ring includes three anti-rotation teeth (or splines) which ensure the suppressor will not come off inadvertently. The muzzle device integrates 60 machined anti-rotation grooves which is doubled by the collar’s two locking positions. How is this achieved? The collar’s two locking positions are machined out of phase of one another by 3 degrees which provides the system with 120 different locations to lock and ensures that when the suppressor is firmly screwed onto the taper a locking spline will be at an ideal location to ensure a rigid and locked suppressor. When the suppressor is firmly attached, only one of the two lock positions will work, allowing the spring to push the locking collar rearward over the splines. Every time the operator attaches the suppressor, they will articulate the collar to this same locking position.

Substantial efforts are taken in the manufacturing and inspection of the DUAL-LOK™ products to ensure Griffin customers are outfitted with some of the best suppressor systems in the world.

DUAL-LOK™ suppressors are machined in Griffin’s Watertown Wisconsin facility by freedom loving Americans.