Glock 26 Gen5 FS Ameriglo Night Sights 9mm Blue Label Pistol, 3-(10)Rd Magazines, 3.43″ – UA265S302AB – Glock Blue Label Program (GBLP)


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Glock 26 Gen5 FS Ameriglo Night Sights 9mm Blue Label Pistol – GSSF/Blue Label

The Glock 26 Gen5 FS Blue Label Pistol has over twenty design changes do distinguish it from its Gen4 predecessor. Through rigorous testing and development, GLOCK has combined the reliability and trust in the brand with precisely-engineered design changes to meet the demand of consumers world-wide.

Among the design enhancements are the GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) which delivers increased accuracy with enhanced polygonal rifling and an improved barrel crown, no finger grooves, ambidextrous slide stop levers for better versatility and control, and an nDLC finish, which is a tougher and more durable finish that is exclusive to the GLOCK manufacturing process. Forward Slide Serrations are the newest addition.

The development of the Glock 26 Gen5 FS Blue Label pistol was the result of the constant pursuit of perfection, and a desire to meet the requests of the consumer market. Glock has combined the standards of high-level performance and reliability with distinctive design enhancement to improve durability, accuracy, and performance. The benefits enhance the shooter experience at the range and in high-stress situations where fractions of a second matter.

This version of the Glock 26 features Ameriglo Bold Night Sights.

Glock Blue Label qualified Customers Only.