Glock 19X Blue Label 9mm Pistol, Coyote Finish, (3)-Magazines, 4.02″ – UX1950702 – Glock Blue Label Program (GBLP)


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Glock 19X Blue Label Pistol – GSSF/Blue Label

GLOCK, Inc. announces their first ever “Crossover” pistol, the GLOCK 19X Blue Label, which combines the best features of two of its most popular and most trusted field-tested platforms.  The full-size GLOCK 17 frame and the compact GLOCK 19 slide have joined forces for the ideal pistol for all conditions and all situations. 
“The Glock 19X Blue Label was developed for the military and is a practical everyday pistol that will do what you need it to do, when you need it to; every time, in every condition,” said GLOCK VP Josh Dorsey.  “Using GLOCKs combat proven experience with consideration to efficiency, dependability and durability, and through rigorous testing, the G19X stands out above the competition and has the ability to function in harsh climates and all conditions with increased accuracy and ultimate reliability.  Our goal was to meet the demanding needs of the military while maintaining our standard of perfection,” said Dorsey.  “With proven testing results and fewer parts than our competitors’ pistols, the G19X has maximum efficiency, reliability and is easy to maintain.”
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