FN SCAR 15P FDE 5.56mm Pistol, Non Reciprocating Charging Handle, (1)-30Rd Magazine, 7.5″ – 38-101241

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FN SCAR 15P FDE 5.56mm Pistol

The FN SCAR 15P in 5.56x45mm is the benchmark for reliability and versatility from a light recoiling, piston-driven platform, now configured in an ultra-compact pistol. This enduring platform enables all shooting positions, locking in any grip on the upper receiver under fire, a 7.5 barrel delivers unmatched maneuverability. Adaptable: Non-reciprocating, dual charging handles remain static under fire, shooters grip the rail at any location. Fully-ambi operating controls adapts to any shooter. Reliable: Short-stroke gas piston system with an adjustable low-flash gas regulator. The new bolt carrier produces less felt recoil perfected for a pistol-length gas system. Accurate: Free-floating, cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined 7.5 barrel, one-piece machined aluminum upper for enduring accuracy. Tested: The most tested rifle platform, FN SCAR remains the choice of the U.S. militarys most elite fighting forces. Rugged, precise and dependable, all SCARs have earned their stripes.

Non Reciprocating Charging Handle