CZ Bobwhite G2 Project Upland 12Ga Shotgun, Straight Walnut Stock, 28.0″ – 6180


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CZ Bobwhite G2 Project Upland 212Ga SxS Shotgun

Letting the online community design their ideal upland shotgun, this fine side-by-side was created by popular vote, with each and every aspect determined by the many followers of Project Upland. The resulting gun resembles our best-selling Bobwhite G2, but with some key upgrades!

Most apparent is the elevated wood quality in the form of select grade Turkish walnut. The color case finish, decorative side plates and tasteful hand-engraving are borrowed from our Sharp-Tail model, while the English-style straight grip and double triggers remain true to the Bobwhite’s design, as do the splinter forend, 28″ barrels and five flush chokes.

While this model doesn’t depart drastically from the Bobwhite G2 it’s built off of, those small changes add up to make a premium side-by-side, and a good-looking one at that!