AB Little Bird Rimfire Silencer, 1/2×28 Direct, 6.9″- LB


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AB Little Bird

Originating at first from the need to easily adjust baffle spacing during testing and product development, the Little Bird’s patent-pending design is counter-intuitively simple, yet extremely effective. The threaded interior allows for the baffles to be individually adjusted for tuning to your host firearm’s caliber, barrel length, etc., as well as for takedown and cleaning; a unique feature unmatched in the industry.

The result is an ultra-lightweight and highly effective design that is simple and time-efficient to service.

Baffle Design

* No unnecessary baffle spacers or baffle extensions taking up valuable internal volume

* Each baffle has a threaded tap-like feature on the outer diameter to cut and pull carbon/debris out of the suppressor as it is removed


* The internal threads act as an effective turbulator which diffuses combustive energy from the blast, and aids in the disruption of laminar gas flow

* Increased inner diameter surface area allows for more efficient processing of heat energy