Swarovski Z3 3-10×42 BRX Reticle Riflescope, Black, BRX Reticle – 59017


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Swarovski Z3 3-10×42 BRX Reticle Riflescope

The Swarovski Z3 3-10×42 BRX Reticle Riflescope sports a 1.0″ tube with an impeccable scratch-resistant anodized exterior. The tube’s interior is finished with a finely machined microstructure surface to reduce residual reflections. The Z3’s trim profile offers a clean unobtrusive look. The field of view is crisp, wide, and rich with fine detail. The Z3 3-10×42 concentrates on the essentials: being light-weight, compact, and reliable. The entire scope is fully water and fog proof. The low-profile turrets offer .25 MOA click-stop corrections, and the quadratic adjustment range provides a generous 58 MOA for both windage and elevation correction. The lenses have been fully multicoated to optimize light transmission, and the external lens surfaces have been treated with a scratch-resistant SWARODUR protective coating.

This Swarovski Z3 riflescope is configured with a 1.0″ tube, and a BRX reticle in the second focal plane. The parallax correction is factory preset at 219 yd/200 m.