Federal Ammunition 223 REM 55GR -20rd/box


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•Load No. AE223

•Caliber: 223 Rem.

•Bullet Weight: 55 grains

•Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket Boat-Tail

•Ballistic Coefficient: 0.269

Full Metal Jacket Boat-Tail
– These accurate, non-expanding bullets give you flat-shooting trajectory, leave a small exit hole in game and put tight groups in paper. They’re perfect for sharpening your shooting eye. And they’re famous for smooth, reliable feeding in semi-automatics.

Differences Between .223 and 5.56mm
– There are small differences that make each of these calibers unique. Most notably are the standards in which pressure is tested and measured. You can put .223 ammunition into a 5.56mm chamber, but not the other way around due to these pressure variances