EAA Girsan MC1911 S Hunter 10mm Pistol, Ambidextrous Manual Safety, 6″ – 390600

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EAA Girsan MC1911 S Hunter 10mm Pistol

This “all-business” Government model with 6” barrel is your new hunting handgun or back up bear pistol, without putting a hole in your firearms or hunting budget.

Built on a fully-machined steel frame and slide, the MC1911 S Hunter features a long-hole hammer, accessory rail, slide serrations, skeletonized trigger and an extended beavertail with checkering. The rear sight is a fully adjustable EAA “Super Sight.” The Girsan MC1911S Hunter in 10mm is beautifully balanced for quick second shot recovery and the trigger pull is smooth and crisp, making this 10mm pleasant to shoot.