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The Dillon RL550B is the most versatile reloading machine in the Dillon Precision Products line. It will accommodate the widest variety of cartridges, from 32 ACP up through 338 Lapua, 416 Rigby and 460 Weatherby.

Base price with one caliber conversion kit is $439.95 Price as shown with all customizable options is $738.60


The RL550B has a manually indexed shellplate, which both makes it easier to master the various steps of reloading, it also gives the operator greater control over each individual step in the loading process. The simplicity of caliber changes makes it less expensive to tool up to load another cartridge.

How it Works

Reloading with Dillon’s RL 550B is Easy as A-B-C!

Most shooters realize that reloading is the most economical way to enjoy their sport, but many shooters are unaware of just how simple it is to reload. In fact, Dillon’s RL 550B is the easiest progressive loader in the world to learn to reload with. How can we make that statement? Simple. Since all of the reloading steps are performed with one stroke of the handle, there is less to remember (or forget) than with an old-fashioned single-station press. Skeptical? Follow me through the ABC system.

Place a bullet and an empty cartridge case into the RL 550B’s shellplate.

Lower, then raise the operating handle. The RL 550B will automatically deprime, resize and reprime. It dispenses the powder charge, seats the bullet to its proper depth and crimps it tight. All automatically. All you touch is the operating handle.

Advance the index sprocket with your thumb and your RL 550B will automatically eject the loaded round into a convenient bin. What next? Repeat step “A.” Sound easy? You bet it is!

No Adjustments
Of all the steps in reloading, the adjustment of the reloading dies is the most critical. With the Dillon RL 550B’s removable toolhead, your dies will stay in perfect adjustment. There’s no need to screw them in and out – even when changing calibers! The RL 550B functions perfectly with any standard 7/8″ x 14 die set. There’s less to go wrong, less to remember.

It’s Your Choice
You can struggle along with a slow, cumbersome single-station press with all its adjustments, changes and secrets, or make your life easier with a progressive RL 550B. If you’re thinking about a competitor’s reloader, before you put your money down, consider this: Dillon will let you try the RL 550B for 30 days. If it doesn’t live up to our claims (or your expectations), return it. We’ll refund your money, including shipping. Our warranty is simple. If it breaks, we’ll fix it FREE for as long as you own it.

Rifle and Pistol
The Dillon RL 550B will produce match-quality ammo for over 160 different rifle and pistol calibers. Priced at $439.95, the RL 550B comes complete with one caliber conversion. Dies are not included in the price of the machine. Dies are sold separately.
The Basics
The basic 550 includes:

Machine with caliber conversion kit (shellplate, locator buttons, powder funnel) in the caliber of your choice.
Powder measure with standard large and small powder bars (small installed), Small bar throws from 2.1 to 15 grains of powder Large bar throws up to 55 to 60 grains of powder.
One prime system with large and small priming parts.
One large and one small pick up tube
Low Primer Alarm
One toolhead
One powder die
One loaded cartridge catch bin
One written instruction manual
One set of standard Allen wrenches

No dies are included.

To change calibers, you will need:
Die set
Caliber conversion kit

If you want to leave your dies preset, you’ll need:
Toolhead (#13909) and a Powder die (#20064) OR The 550B Quick Change (#22058),which includes a powder measure, powder die, toolhead and a toolhead stand. This allows you to leave your dies and powder charge set up and dedicated to a specific cartridge for faster, easier caliber changes.

You will also need (at minimum):

Die set (included with the Square Deal ‘B’ only)
Powder scale
Loading Manual
Dial caliper
Primer flip tray

This will get you started.

RL550B machine in the caliber of your choice
Die set in your caliber of choice
Eliminator Powder scale #13480
Lyman Reloading Manual #10330
Dial calipers #13462
Primer flip tray #13606