Browning Medallion M39F Mechanical Lock


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A best-selling combination of security, Fire Protection and storage features, in the size you need.The M39 is the third largest safe in the Medallion line – we classify it as a Wide safe. The cavernous interior securely houses up to 43 long guns and still has room for jewelry, pistols, documents and other important items. The M39 maintains the same width and long gun storage as the M47, without the extra height needed for extra long barrels like those found on .50 caliber long range rifles. This lower height profile gives you more options for safe placement

Also, like well designed furniture, we’ve designed the M39 to be wider like a bureau instead of the more common “boxy” refrigerator like dimensions in other safes (26″ exterior depth), allowing you to place the safe in any number of locations in your house without blocking off interior space. And given the elegant and clean stylings of the Medallion safes, the M39 will add style to any room instead of being a big eyesore taking up space in a corner.