Browning Gold Stalker Shotgun, 12Ga, Synthetic Stock, 3.5″ Chamber, (3)- Invector Plus Chokes, 30″ – 011102303


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Less recoil with the Active Valve

The self-adjusting Active Valve gas system in Gold autoloaders uses gas from fired shells to operate the action instead of contributing to recoil. When shooting light loads, most of the gases operate the action. With magnum loads, only a small amount of gas is necessary to operate the action, while the remaining gases are vented through the Active Valve and out the top of the forearm and away from the receiver for clean, reliable operation. Because the gas piston and Active Valve operate independently, less pressure is exerted on the gas piston for greater longevity and more efficient operation than other gas-operated autoloaders.

Because the Active Valve expels unnecessary gases, it naturally reduces recoil before it ever reaches your shoulder — without the need for heavy hydraulic recoil dampers, sticky gel pads and gimmicky gel stock inserts. Superior recoil reduction from the Active Valve also equals faster, more accurate follow-up shots and all-day shooting comfort regardless of the loads used. Recoil reduction is one reason the Gold 10 remains a popular offering in the Browning line-up.


• Receiver – Aluminum alloy • Barrel – Ventilated rib • Action – Gas-operated autoloader, 3″ and 3 1/2″ chamber models, Active Valve reliably cycles a wide range of loads • Stock – Composite stock and forearm, Matte black finish • Features – Three Invector-Plus™ choke tubes, Magazine Cut-Off, Speed Loading