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Randall Made Knives, Custom Model #16 Diver, Nickel Silver Hilt, Black Micarta Handle, Stainless Blade


Top cutting edge sharpened. 4 1/2″ Black Micarta handle, similar to model 14 and 15. Nickel silver single hilt. Wrist thong through ferrule in handle. Designed especially for heavy duty salt water use, this knife is as nearly indestructible as possible. Top of blade in top of hilt notched for thumb placement. Includes both a special wax impregnated belt loop sheath and a tactical nylon sheath.


Randall Made Knives, Model #10-7″, Salt Fisherman & Household Utility, Black Micarta Handle, Stainless Blade


1/8″ stainless steel stock. Rust-resistant. Holds the keenest edge. Blade not forged, but is fully hand-ground from high carbon stainless steel. 4 5/8″ Black Micarta handle has comfortable slip-proof grip, including notches for thumb placement where blade and handle join. Wrist thong supplied. Includes leather sheath and sharpening stone.


Randall Made Knives, Ward Gay #20 4.5″, Micarta Handle, Stainless Blade


4.5” blade of 1⁄4” stock (O1 Tool Steel only). Thumb notches on top of blade for thumb placement. 4.5” handle length, nickel silver single hilt, black micarta handle with finger grips on the under side of handle for right or left hand use, wrist thong drilled in the micarta. This model configuration was designed for big game purposes by Ward Gay, famous Alaskan guide and bush pilot. Includes Model-A leather sheath.