Warranty Repairs

Nagel’s provides firearm warranty repair services for Browning/Winchester & the Remington family of firearms, including Marlin, Bushmaster, and DPMS.

Any Browning/Winchester firearm can be brought or shipped to Nagel’s for warranty repair. If you choose to send it to Nagel’s, we suggest FedEx or UPS so you can track your package. Please include both a phone number and email address.

Any of the Remington family of firearms that require warranty service must first receive a Service Request Number (SRN). To obtain a Service Request Number, click here.

Complete the required information to receive a Service Request Number. If you are bringing your Remington family firearm to Nagel’s, bring a copy of the SRN. If you are shipping your Remington family firearm to Nagel’s, include a copy of your SRN. You may also check the status of your Remington repair at the same web address.

Remington and Marlin offers a 5-year warranty on their firearms. Bushmaster and DPMS carry a 2-year warranty. Exceptions, while rare, may be available. Call and speak to one of Nagel’s gunsmiths for a possible exception. Gunsmithy hours are Monday – Friday, 9am to 6pm: 210 342-5420.