Glock GSSF Match: Alamo Ballistic Challenge XXII at Blackhawk Shooting Range October 14,15

This years Glock GSSF match is October 14 & 15 at Blackhawk Shooting Range. The Alamo Ballistic Challenge has proven very popular for Glock shooters from all around the SA Area. You can pre-register and avoid the walk up lines by using the registration form found at and emailing or faxing it to 770-437-4719 […]

Pelican im3300/ im 3200 in stock at Nagel’s

Pelican is known far and wide for their heavy duty travel cases. Nagel’s stocks several models including the im3300 – holds 2 scoped rifles- and the im 3200 – holds 1 AR type rifle. These models have the pick-apart foam in them making custom fitting simple and easy. Black & ODG in both sizes are […]

New S&W M&P9 M2.0 Compact Pistols arrive at Nagel’s!

The new S&W M&P9 M2.0 Compact pistols (and the 40S&W version too) are in stock! An excellent size for Carry these pistols have been very well received by Nagel’s Staff. Supplied with 4 Backstraps and 2 sleeves to use a Full Size 17-Rd Magazine, and 2-15Rd mags. Through Sept 30th, you will also receive (2)-free […]