Service Charges
Per Man Hour $95.00
Per Man & Machine Hour $150.00
Minimum Shop Charge $35.00
Clean & Lubricate
Shotguns, Rifles & Handguns $70.00
Note: Any Gun with Excessive Rust  P.O.R.
Scope & Sight Work
Bore-sight $20.00
Sight in Firearm at Range (not including Ammunition) $150.00
Mount Scope on Rifle or Handgun already drilled & tapped $50.00
Drill & Tap most Rifles and Handguns for scope $95.00
Recoil Pads
Lador to install recoil pads $85.00
High Grade guns $120.00
Shorten stock & Re-install old pad $75.00
Extra Labor to Install 1/4″ Spacers $15.00/hr
Rifle Barrel Work
Muzzle Brakes – Vias Quiet Brake (includes parts & labor) $285.00
Other Barrel Work
Re-barrel using customer supplied barrel $580.00
Re-barrel with Douglas premium grade with standard contour $750.00
Re-barrel with Douglas premium grade with standard contour, SS $950.00
Note: Includes bluing barrel or bead blasting on Stainless.
Price does not include bluing action, bedding, or sight work.
Re-chamber barrel for larger cartridge $200.00
Check headspace $50.00
Remove stuck case from barrel $85.00
Remove live round form chamber $100.00 & Up
Remove AR15 style Barrel Nut $100.00
Make Chamber Cast (to determine caliber or case dimensions) $60.00
Note: We keep cast
Cut & Crown Barrel (does not include reinstallation of sight) $120.00
Cut & Crown Barrel where necessary to remove from action $175.00
Thread Barrel for Suppressor or Muzzle Brake $195.00

Rifle Work

Action Work
Alter Bolt Handle to Clear Scope $150.00
Install Buehler Saftey, Labor $75.00
Trigger Work
Adjustable Triggers (not to be reduced below 3 pounds) $70.00
Non-Adjustable Triggers (lever actions, military, Ruger 77 MKII $85.00 & Up
Semi-Autos (where possible) $100.00 & Up
Rifle Stock Work
Install Sling Swivels $45.00
Float Barrel $80.00
Glass bed action & float barrel $185.00
Pillar bed & float $200.00
Fit pre-finished fiberglass stock & pillar bed $300.00
Inlet semi-inletted stock (glass bedding extra) $275.00 & Up
Inlet shape & finish semi-inletted stock $550.00 & Up
Handguns & Long guns, Matte finish $185.00 & Up
Polished $300.00 & Up
Baked-On Polymer coating coming soon
AR 15 coming soon
Note: Colors available – Black, Brown, Tan, OD Green,
Mil Spec Green, Gray, Stainless Steeel, White, Red, Pink

Shotgun Work

Drill & Tap for Front or Center Bead (labor only) $55.00
Install bead in existing hole with correct threads $35.00
Barrel Work
Open choke, per barrel $85.00
Nu-Line choke tudes (each) $37.50
Labor to install Cutts Comp or Lyman choke $100.00
Re-chamber for longer shells (each barrel) $95.00
Lengthen forcing cone $95.00
Re-chamber or forcing cone job on chrome lined barrel $145.00
Cut & Re-crown single barrel shotgun & re-install sight $95.00
Cut & Re-crown double barrel shotguns, fill in between barrel $145.00
Porting single barrel shotguns (in our shop) $180.00
Porting over/under shotguns (in our shop) $280.00
Straighten barrel (at customer’s risk) $85.00 & Up
Remove dents (at customer’s risk) $100.00 & Up
Re-attach loose ribs Win 101, Browning O/U and Daly O/U $200.00 & Up
Note: Some discoloration of the bluing around the rib is likely.
Above price does not include re-bluing.
Stock Work
Raise comb by bending tang and re-inletting Rem 1100, 870, & $85.00
Raise comb by bending wood where possible $200.00 & Up
Adjustable comb labor $285.00
Hardware for adjustable comb $100.00
Oil Finish $280.00 & Up
High Gloss Not Available
Note: For stocks with checkering add $100.00
Recoil Pads
Labor to install recoil pads $85.00
Shorten stock & Re-install old pad $75.00
Extra labor to install 1/4″ Spacers $15.00/hr
Install Adjustable butt plate (Timney) $250.00
Hardware for adjustable butt with pitch adjustment $150.00

Handgun work

Revolver Work
Revolver Triggers (single action only) $125.00
Revolver Triggers (single action & double action pull) $185.00
Chamfer breech of barrel (forcing cone) $95.00
Straighten Crane $100.00
Re-time Revolver, labor only $100.00 & Up
Shorten barrel & re-install sight where possible $295.00
Front sight insert $50.00
1911 Type Semi-Autos
Trigger job $150.00
Throat (polish feed ramp on barrel and frame) $85.00
Install beavertail safety (labor only) $165.00
Lower ejection port $125.00
Tighten slide $175.00
Fit match barrel $175.00
Fit standard barrel $100.00 & Up
Fit bushing $100.00
Fit new trigger $50.00
Fit new hammer $125.00
Fit grip safety $125.00 & Up
Bobtail Housing Install $120.00
Machine slide for Novak Style Sight
Front $100.00
Rear $150.00